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I'm Campbell.  This is my blog. I founded Loosecubes, an office sharing community, and live in New York City.

I believe everyone has the power inside them to do something great.  Although not everyone aspires to greatness, I think you should.  I hope my blog will encourage you to take a couple steps forward every day. Let's do it together.


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Is this thing on?

I’m Campbell.  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I started it so I could share my ideas with you and stop distracting my coworkers.  Hopefully you’ll find some useful tidbits, particularly if you’re starting a business or contemplating it.  

Inspired by the blogs one of my all time heros, Seth Godin, here are the rules: 

- Short (less than 200 words)

- Actionable (one thing to take away that you can apply today)

- True anecdotes (most of the time)

I like to write about chunky startups, human nature, and the ridiculous situations that come up when you live and work in NYC.  I used to be involved with construction which means sometimes I swear.  I’m working on the swearing but I can’t make any promises (sorry Mom).

Buckle your seatbelts, people. This is going to be fun.